Welcome to the Pratt Music Foundation.
   Our mission is the support of classical music in our community, primarily through scholarships for deserving youth.

The Pratt Music Scholars for 2017-18.
   The Pratt Music Foundation Board of Directors reviewed 59 applications in June and selected 33 Pratt Music Foundation Scholars (and as always, there were more qualified applicants than scholarships available):

   The Pratt Music Foundation Scholarship Class of 2017-18 includes 23 students from Bloomington, 9 from Normal, and one from Washington. Sixteen students study piano, nine study violin, four study viola, and four pursue the cello. Ten students attend District 87 schools, fourteen attend Unit 5 schools, three are home-schooled, three attend private schools, one attends the University Lab schools, one attends the Illinois Math and Science Academy, and one attends CUSD 51.
   The thirty-three Pratt Music Foundation Scholars for 2017-18 represent an investment of over $40,000 in the next generation of music in our community.

   Left to Right (regardless of row): Audrie Schuller, Evanna Kinzie, Lydia Langston, Deonte Mosely, Itzel Mendoza, Angela Estabrook, Tysondra Calhoun, Julia Hilt, Sarang Hong, Freyja Huffman, Jose Espinoza, Renata Olivo, Alyssa Sigler, Konnor Bouman, Katherine Williams, Jasil Olabode, Mamush Rogal, Taylor Thompson, Nakiya Rice, Isaiah Martin, Dana Bays, Mia Fullilove, Lucas Karr, Ben Nguy, Sarah Andrews, Juliet Herrarte, Samula Kamara, Hannah Geraghty, Riley Breedlove-Flowers, Alina Jankowiak. Not pictured: Samantha Morey, Isaiah Crews, and Joseph Aceves.

There's more about our scholars in our Newsletter No. 32.

Pratt Music Foundation Newsletters
  Our newsletter chronicles our scholar selection process. Click to open and read, or right-click to download.

Pratt Newsletter No. 32, December 2017

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