Welcome to the Pratt Music Foundation.
   Our mission is the support of classical music in our community, primarily through scholarships for deserving youth.

The Pratt Music Scholars for 2014-15.
   The Pratt Music Foundation Board of Directors reviewed 57 applications in June and selected 30 Pratt Music Foundation Scholars (and as always, there were more qualified applicants than scholarships available):

   Hurst Strings Scholar Shelby Bays (NCWHS Grade 12) violin.
   McCauley Classical Music Scholar Alexis Bowers (BHS Grade 10) cello.
   Shirk Family Music Scholar Isaac Spencer (home-school Grade 7) piano.
   Darrell Looney Classical Music Scholar Mark Dover (BHS Grade 12) piano.
   Ruby K. Worner Charitable Trust Scholar Samuel Skinner (Cornerstone Grade 10) cello.
   Heartland Bank and Trust Classical Music Scholar Julia Hilt (BJHS Grade 8) viola.
   Zuill Bailey Strings Scholar Rob Reinbrecht (U-High Grade 12) cello.
   Pratt Music Foundation Scholar JD Martin (NCHS Grade 9) piano.
   Mozart Classical Music Scholar Selena Aviles (BHS Grade 9) violin.
   Minor Myers jr Classical Music Scholar Marquise Bonaparte (NCHS Grade 10) piano.
   Adolph Buchanan Classical Music Scholar Isaiah Crews (BJHS Grade 7) violin.
   Joslin Family Classical Music Scholar Kennede Haynes (Evans JHS Grade 8) violin.
   Hartnell Family Music Scholar Savion Jackson (Cornerstone CA Grade 5) piano.
   Sofie L. Eisenberg Memorial Piano Scholar Melody Kramme (BHS Grade 11) piano.
   Harriet & Phares O'Daffer Classical Music Scholar Deonte Mosely (BJHS Grade 8) piano.
   Eric Dean Tapley Classical Music Scholar Emma Papineau (NCWHS Grade 11) cello.
   Jennie and Scott King Classical Music Scholar Nakiya Rice (Irving Grade 4) piano.
   Beth Newdome Violin Scholar Dana Bays (Kingsley Grade 7) violin.
   PNC Foundation Classical Music Scholar Michelle Fields (Kingsley Grade 7) piano.
   Elterich Family Music Scholar Humberto Giles (BJHS Grade 7) piano.
   PNC Foundation Classical Music Scholar Justin Jacobs (Sugar Creek Grade 5) violin.
   Chow Family Music Scholar Jaylin Johnson (BJHS Grade 6) violin.
   Jerry Antonini Piano Scholar Kean Jones (Fox Creek Grade 3) piano.
   Edmondson Family Music Scholar Samantha Morey (BJHS Grade 6) violin.
   Martinez Family Classical Music Scholar Meiko Shimoe (NCHS Grade 11) piano.
   Pratt Music Foundation Scholar Madison Robinson (Sheridan Grade 1) violin.
   Pratt Music Foundation Scholar Savannah Shelton (Chiddix Grade 7) violin.

There's more about our scholars in our Newsletter No. 29.

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Pratt Newsletter 29 December 2014

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